Selling your home? I can help

Chances are, if you've lived in your home for more than a few years, you can likely turn a tidy profit. That's great news. But sealing the deal requires more than just a handshake. You'll have to consider if now's a good time to sell? What's the best way to get the word out? How do you get top dollar for your property? These are just some of the questions that I can help answer.

Decide when to sell

In real estate, timing influences your home's selling price. Working with me can help make timing work for you. When should you sell?......Read More

Prepare your finances

Before the offers start rolling in, you should prepare for the massive amounts of money that will pass through your hands.

Still have a way to go paying off your mortgage? Here are some things to consider. "Discharging" your mortgage: Many people use the proceeds from the sale of their home to "discharge" or pay off their mortgage…..Read More

Find a Real Estate Sales Representative who is right for you

There are many reasons why a Real Estate professional is essential when selling your home, but which one is best for you? Don't simply go with the first Sales person who suggests the highest asking price. Ask around, talk to a few, and you'll soon find the one that's right for you…….Read More

Determine your home's asking price

Lots of people out there want to buy your home. The right asking price will attract attention and get you maximum return. With my help you can set a fair market value on your home to get the most out of interested buyers.

You don't want to set your price too low or too high Setting …..Read More

Sign a listing agreement

Signing the listing agreement officially gives me the green light to start selling your home. See what's involved.

The "Listing Agreement" authorizes your Real Estate Sales Rep. brokerage to market and sell your home. This agreement serves three purposes.

It defines your relationship, including the limits of your Sales rep. authority. It provides detailed information …..Read More

Preparing your home for sale (Home Staging)

See your home through a buyer's eyes, you want buyers to walk through your house and feel like it's their home, not yours! Things like a wall of family portraits or your trophy collection are certain to prevent buyers from emotionally placing themselves in your home. Remember; See your home through a buyer's eyes.

Make the mental decision to "let go" of your emotional attachments to your home and focus on the fact that soon this house will no longer be yours. Don't look backwards -- look toward the future……Read More

Let your Real Estate Sales Rep. market your home

It's time for them to do their Job

The "For Sale" sign continues to be an extremely effective way to advertise. Anybody responding to your sign is a solid lead because they've seen your home with their own eyes.

Traditional media: Your Real Estate Sales Rep. may choose any or all of the following: classified ads in the newspaper (often with a photo), ads in real estate publications, property listings on cable television and good old-fashioned mail. Neighbourhood mailers can be incredibly effective. The power of the Internet .Read More

Find a lawyer

When selling, it's essential to have a lawyer handle all the various legal documents that change hands. Ask the people you trust like friends, family or business associates if they know a lawyer with substantial real estate experience. Real Estate Sales Representative can give you the names of several lawyers.

Before you agree to a lawyer……Read More

Receiving an offer

All of your hard work has paid off, but you won't know exactly how much it's paid off until you see the offer. This is an exciting, often emotional time, so be prepared.

I can walk you through the process. I will present you every offer that’s submitted. The buyer's Real Estate Sales Representative may be there too; he or she represents the buyer's best interest in the negotiation. The buyer will likely not be there, so you can review and respond to their offer without ….Read More

Closing the deal

Your negotiations were a success. But before your house is truly sold, it's time for the vital final steps known as "closing". Your Real Estate Rep and lawyer will take care of the many complicated and time-consuming legal issues.

You still have plenty to do. Your closing checklist should include: .Read More

Moving out

Moving day will come sooner than you think, so get planning now.

It may or may not be practical to move out on the closing date. You may have to give the  the keys to the new owner on closing day (Unless other arrangements have been agreed upon). So you may want to try and schedule the actual move for a day or so before closing. If you intend to move at the end of the month, contact a moving company or a truck rental company now before they're all booked. If you can move mid-week or mid-month, a moving company might cut you a deal. Go with a …Read More