Decide what you want to buy

Nowadays, there are many different types of homes to choose from. And there are pros and cons to each. Take a minute to reflect on your lifestyle and based on that, decide what best fits you.

Where you want to live:

The big city: The prices are generally higher, but you can walk to a restaurant, maybe even to work. You'll also have the widest range of housing options.

 Suburban: Newer schools, newer shopping centres, bigger yards, bigger homes, no wonder so many people love the suburbs.

Decide what type of home you want: You probably have a good idea of what type of home is right for you. To add to your knowledge, here are the types of home you will see

Single-family detached: The home is not attached to the home next door. Types range from a single-story bungalow, to a three-story Victorian.

Semi-detached or linked: Two houses that share a common wall.

Duplex: A building zoned for two families.

Town house: Several homes with a common style and joined in a row. They usually share walls on both sides.

The condo: The typical Condo consist of two parts

1- Your unit: You own 100%

2- Common areas: You share with all other unit owners.

Maintenance fee: On top of your mortgage and property taxes, condo owners also pay a monthly fee to operate and maintain the common areas


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