When searching for a home to buy or lease, I understand how important schools are for families with children. It is usually one of the first questions my clients, friends and family ask me when viewing a home, “How are the schools in the area? Buyers are looking to purchase a home in a specific neighbourhood because they want their children to attend the local school. Here is a comprehensive list of sites that provide information about schools, including rankings by the Fraser Institute.

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The Ministry of health promotes healthy communities

The ministry’s vision is to enable Ontarians to lead healthy, active lives and make the province a healthy, prosperous place to live, work, play, learn and visit. Health and Long-Term Care sees that its fundamental goals are to promote and encourage Ontarians to make healthier choices at all ages and stages of life, to create healthy and supportive environments, lead the development of healthy public policy, and assist with embedding behaviours that promote health.

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A City within a Park

Toronto has more than 1,500 parks with numerous open spaces and 600 km of trails. The parks system covers 8,000 hectares, or roughly 13% of the city's land area. It includes about 40% of Toronto's natural areas, many of which lie within the ravine system and along the Lake Ontario shoreline. City parks also feature beaches, playgrounds, sports fields, gardens, conservatories, ice rinks, special events and much more for you to enjoy.

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Municipal Property Assessment Corporation

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is an independent, not-for-profit corporation funded by all Ontario municipalities. Our role is to accurately value and classify all properties in Ontario according to the Assessment Act and regulations established by the Ontario Government. We are the largest assessment jurisdiction in North America, assessing and classifying more than five million properties with an estimated total value of $2.2 trillion.

MPAC is accountable to the Province, municipalities and property taxpayers through its 15-member Board of Directors. All Board members are appointed by the Minister of Finance. Click the link below to visit the MPAC website

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation:

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